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Educational Consulting

Personalized. Data driven. Results oriented.

What we do. 

The Apex Education Partner’s Consulting Division supports districts, schools, and individual educators to help them achieve their goals by conducting a comprehensive assessment and collaborating with them to meet targets.

How we do it.

Consultants conduct a needs assessment that includes listening sessions with stakeholders. Then, in collaboration with clients, consultants develop a step-by-step action plan with a timeline, milestones, and measurable outcomes. Clients are provided necessary resources for success including coaching, mentoring, systems restructuring, and training.

Why hire a consultant?

The gap between the findings of educational scholars (the research) and the practices of districts, schools, and individual teachers is well documented. To close this gap, educators require training, coaching, and mentoring that makes the research readily available and accessible.

What makes us different.

The consultants at Apex Education Partners are skilled at modeling how to implement evidence-based practices and are ready to take organizations from good intentions to exceptional outcomes. 

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